The Death of BLZZRD

BLZZRD was our '93 Taurus SHO that we ordered custom made from Ford. After almost 20 years in our care, we sold it to a friend of a friend last summer. It had reached the point where it would not conveniently pass state inspections and parts were starting to get difficult to acquire. The '93 SHO was a fairly limited production run about 21K were made. That was, surprisingly, the highest production in any single year for the SHO.

Earlier this year, we starting receiving notices from the Pasadena Police Department that BLZZRD had been impounded and might be auctioned. About two weeks ago, we received a certified letter from PPD that BLZZRD was to be auctioned on April 28. So, this past Friday I went to the auction preview to look at BLZZRD and see if we should bid on it and attempt to sell it again. The short answer was: No. It was apparent as soon as I walked into the impound lot that BLZZRD was not going anywhere under its own power again. It had been in an accident and the total bill to repair it would likely 10 times its Blue Book value.

I took a look around the car and it was a sad sight to see. The owner that wrecked it (it doesn't look like it was BLZZRD's driver's fault, but it's tough to say for certain) had done some mods to the car that it pained me to see. He'd spray painted the white wheels black and he'd also filled in the SHO on the back bumper with black paint.

It was tough to say goodbye to that car. It deserved a better end.