Lunching at C & D Burger Shoppe

I've passed by this place a couple of times while out and about for other Friday lunches. It has a sketchy appearance, but usually has a good crowd. And, since it's a former Dairy Queen turned into a local joint, a gem could be inside.

I ordered the double burger with mustard, no mayo, no cheese, onion rings, and a tea. I think the total was about $8, so on the low end of my usual Friday lunch spots.

It's a typical neighborhood burger joint. A wide variety of customers: grandmas, utility workers. The food is typical neighborhood burger joint, but it feels like a better choice than the usual fast food chains. The burger was decent and while the onion rings weren't Tookie's, they weren't a usual fast food joint's either.

This is a place that I won't hesitate to go back to, if the mood strikes me.

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Shannon said...

The onion rings are hand-cut, hand-breaded each day.