Weekend update

Friday: aikido


Started straightening out finances. Filed some stock stuff into binders and installed this year's TurboTax.

Did some work on getting some more saltwater ready.

Did some work on the second box in the book "Box by Box" and on the wood for Uncle Leo's project.

aikido - after which I was completely worthless: sore and tired.

Dinner with the in-laws


More work on the "Box by Box" book

Helped K. dig up a 30+ year old Sago Palm. One down, one to go.

Made Cinnamon Brownies with a Ganache. The brownies came out crumblier than they usually do.

Dinner with the in-laws.

"Bourne Identity" on TV.


Carissa said...

cinnamon brownies? that sounds amazing...

question: the shortbread you made at christmas? is that a secret recipe or is it available to the public?