Bad Retailer - U.S. Cavalry

I just received a snail mail catalog from a company with whom I've never done business: Natchez Shooters Supplies. My first reaction on receiving a new catalog that I've not requested is to contact the company and see if I can figure out who sold them my name and address.

I did that for this new catalog. They said that U. S. Cavalry was the source of their information. With no mention of that name by me. I actually thought Cabela's might be their source.

My next step was to call U. S. Cavalry and tell them I would no longer be doing business with them because of this incident. The CSR said that someone at NSS was lying as USCav does not sell names. The odds of someone at NSS pulling USCav's name out of a hat and it matching a company with whom I'd just recently started doing business approaches the odds of winning Powerball.

So, I will no longer be doing business with U. S. Cavalry and encourage any readers of this blog to stay away from them as well.