Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/10/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Richard, Trey, and Keith ( a new student ).

Ukemi: The usual set. We bought an additional set of mats to lay on top of the base mat. We'll bring these out for use with big falls and kneeling techniques. So, we pulled them out and I took some big falls from Tim.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: not today.


Owaza Ju Pon

We ran through 1-10 with Trey. I served as uke for right sided and Richard served as uke for left-sided. We spent some time refreshing a couple of them.

Ushiro-ate: we played with a couple of variations on the entry.

Oshi-taoshi: spent some time with the initial off-balance. We played with the differences that Richard and Trey had in dealing with my size.

Waki-gatame: played with the entry and with the need to roll over uke's shoulder to get the lock nicely.

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

Oshi Taoshi: Must remember to "open up" and not "pivot" after the first off-balance. Must get the right amount of initial off-balance in the proper spot.

Gyakugamae Ate: I'm really starting to enjoy this one. It's just fun.

Kote Gaeshi: Move slowly to the armbar position so you don't rip off uke's arm.

Aftermath: Sore knees. Mainly the muscles around them, from the suwari waza work. A night for ibuprofen.