In the shop

A while back I purchased the book "Box by Box" by Jim Stack. I started working my way through it this weekend. There have already been some failures and successes, just on the first box.

My first attempt was with some 1/2" cherry I had around the shop. I failed to take into account the thickness of the wood before processing the cut list. I could have salvaged the attempt, but the box would have been smaller and it was going to be barely useful at its given size. So, I trashed it.

I started over with some cedar that was around the shop. I milled that down to 1/4". I modified the design to be much larger, about 5"x8". It'll still barely be useful, but someone might like it.

I made a mistake on this one as well. The piece for the bottom I cut about 1/4" too long. I need to go back to my cut list and see if I calculated the wrong length or cut the wrong length.

I have two more pieces to glue and then it will be time to sand and finish. I think I'm going to go with a simple wax finish.