Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/17/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Richard, Trey, Tom, David, and Keith.

Ukemi: I spent the ukemi time working with Tom, David and Keith. Making sure they fall safely.

The Walk: As usual. Once with everyone and once with just Richard and Trey.


Ju Nana Hon Kata

Worked with Trey on his techniques

Wakigatamae - Some tweaking on the initial off-balance that makes the technique.

Kote hineri - We did some tweaking on the armbar and gake

Kote gaeshi - We spent a long time on this. This is a version of the technique that we'd hoped would be easier to learn. Maybe it's easy to learn if you already know the old one?

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

No work on this today

Aftermath: None of note


Poxbox said...

What was different about the new version of Kote gaeshi?

And... btw.... send me email for your impending trip to the Boston area.

Poxbox...at... hotmail.com

Scott Zrubek said...

Our kote gaeshi changed from an extension/compression/extension to an extension/extension/extension.

The footwork, I feel, is much simpler too. Well, maybe not simpler, but easier?

Assume a right sided technique.

We used to enter, pivot on our right leg while drawing a circle with our left foot and then "fall" with our left foot. This would be the end of the technique. It's the circle and fall with the left foot that was not simple.

Our new footwork requires getting off line to the left. We pivot on the right foot, clockwise, continue pivoting clockwise when the left foot lands. The when the right foot lands, pivot counterclockwise and then fall with the left foot.

I might have some videos of teh two type on youtube, I don't remember.