Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 10/16/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, Trey, and Dan 

Ukemi:  Regular warmup before we got started.  I spent the regular time watching over Dan

The Walk: twice

Releases: with Dan. 


Dan got our undivided attention.  He got some work on the Walk with Tim while Trey and I tenderized each other a bit.  Trey decided we needed to throw each other with the Garumas from Owaza Ju Pon.

We went through the 3 Garumas and nailed them on the first attempts.  We then attempted Kata Otoshi, which is a timing nightmare.  We managed that on the second try each, which is pretty damn impressive.  We told Tim we were going home at that point, as we felt we'd achieved perfection for the day.

We reconsidered.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Dan working on Shomen-ate, Aigamae-ate and Gyaku gamae-ate.  He did amazingly well and had quite a bit of improvement.  Next time we'll probably add in the left side just to mess things up.

Aftermath: Lots of falls, a bit sore.