Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 10/02/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, Trey, Troy, and Dan

Ukemi:  no warmup.  I didnt get there in time and watched over Dan's warm-ups

The Walk: twice

Releases: with Dan.  Lots of rust after over a month away


I warmed up Dan with some "punch the dummy" work.  After a few reps, he had that down. We moved on to Shomen-ate.  He eventually started nailing me with it.  We had to work through some off-balance issues, but it went really well.

I then worked with Troy on Oshi-taoshi and Ude-gaeshi and he both sides down after a short while.  We also worked on introducing the 3-step distance for techniques that we use for Sankyu grades and above.  He did well with that, too.

At the end, I was able to work on some jo takeaway techniques.  I don't know where they come from, probably San Kata.  I was pleased with how I did on them.

Aftermath: None of note.