Aikido Friday Night - 10/15/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, Trey, Troy, Brad, Sal, and Dan  We also had a potential new student visiting around halfway through the class.  A teenager, half as old as the youngest member of the dojo.

I spent a good portion of the evening with Tim going through what we do in a regular class for the potential new student.  I took some big falls as demonstration during that time.  Tim thinks there's a good chance he'll be joining us.  He'll be using it as P.E. credit for school.

Ukemi:  Light warmup.  I spent the regular time watching over Dan

The Walk: twice

Releases: with Dan. 


I warmed up Dan with some "punch the dummy" work.  After a few reps, he had that down. We moved on to Shomen-ate.  He managed to get that done fairly well.

Aftermath: Lots of falls, a bit sore.