Lunching out: T-Bone Tom's

K. and I went out to lunch on Friday.  We were hoping to do some shopping while we were down in Kemah, but the bike shop was closed on our way out of T-Bone's.

K. had the sliced sausage sandwich and I had the "Pig Sandwich".  K.'s was the better choice, by far.  T-Bone's sausage is the second best sausage I've ever tried (K. gave me a slice from her sandwich).  It trails only the sausage from Granger.  It's a nice spicy, coarse grind.  Heaven.

My "Pig Sandwich" was a little dry, and I was not a big fan of their barbecue sauce.  The onions and jalapenos that came on the sandwich did provide a little spice for the meal.

The buns for both of the sandwiches were fabulous!  A nice texture and flavor.

I will be going back soon.  I'm going to have a sausage sandwich all to myself!