In the shop

I finally managed some time on the shop to do productive work on the entertainment center.  I don't know why, but rough cutting the lumber a week ago doesn't feel "productive."  I managed to get one of the middle vertical panels glued up for recutting at a later time.  I had to search through my stack of rough cut wood to find the properly labelled pieces, pick the good sides to glue up, put in biscuits and then glue and clamp em up.

I did one of these at the time so I didn't get the pieces confused and mismatched.  I should have worked on through to the other middle vertical panel, but I was sweating and it was getting near to time for "Castle". 

As a side note, I need to make certain my shop clock is keeping time.  I replaced the battery a couple of weeks ago, but I think there was a time warp walking from the shop to the house.

I hope to get back into the shop tonight for more glue-up.  Maybe the other vertical panel and some of the shelves.