From Twitter 05-23-2010

09:08:07: RT @mvbeads: NO Final Value Fees on ArtFire, just a low monthly rate. Less starving, more art! #AFP #coolfact (Pls RT)
09:25:05: 10% off sale for Father's Day thru June 13th. My item of the week: Cubano style pen in Tiger Narra: http://ow.ly/1Mhpw @vabeachquilter #afp
11:15:02: A pen in my shop ( http://ow.ly/1OKb9 ) that's on sale for Dad's Day: Gran Torino style in Desert Ironwood. http://ow.ly/1OKbK #afp #artfire
13:15:02: A pen in my shop ( http://ow.ly/1OKdc ) on sale for Dad's Day. Cigar pen in Figured Mesquite http://ow.ly/1OKdL #afp #artfire
15:20:03: A pen in my shop ( http://ow.ly/1OKf9 ) on sale for Dad's Day. Cigar pen in Box Elder Burl http://ow.ly/1OKfr
17:10:04: vabeachquilter is the featured shop in our guild this week. Fabulous fabric creations! Check this out: http://ow.ly/1Mh9c

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