From Twitter 05-01-2010

09:19:54: Long week at work. Some more work work to do today. Some fun is scheduled: Keels & Wheels a possibility: http://bit.ly/dcCKo1
14:17:03: Work, some time in the shop, and then grilling burgers for dinner. Keels and Wheels tomorrow. Bike still not in to test ride.
17:20:05: This week's featured shop is Crafty Baby Hope. All sorts of jewelry and polymer clay items. Saturday's pick of the day http://ow.ly/1Dnjw
18:47:57: Missed the Derby because I was out harvesting bamboo. Rats!
18:52:25: My item of the week: Chainmaille Hat Band for a cowboy hat. http://bit.ly/a4wSKD
19:01:02: First year of Friendswood Fine Arts Festival in the Park. I should be ready to vend the next time it rolls around.

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