Lunching out: Pelican Grill

This is a little mom and pop place on NASA 1 in Seabrook.  It looked like they have a regular clientele, but they weren't very busy.  the waitress had to go call the cook in from out back when I ordered.

They push their hamburgers, so that's what I tried.  I ordered the guacamole cheeseburger with fries.  I received the plain cheeseburger with fries.  In fairness, she might not have heard the guacamole, and the order she took down didn't *look* right, so I'll give them a pass on this).

The burger was pretty good.  The cheese was melted onto the patty while it was still on the grill.  Just how I prepare them at home.  The patty looked too uniform to have been made by hand.

The fries were a battered variety, probably Sysco supplied.  Still, not bad.

It took quite a while for the waitress to drop off my check.  The waitress did miss the opportunity to sell me a slice of pecan pie by not checking back with me while I was eating.  That may be a good thing as far as they're concerned.  If it had been bad, I wouldn't be returning.  As it is, I might return to try the guacamole burger and a slice of pecan pie.