Weekend update


No aikido. It was to have been just Sensei and I and, since Sensei is not supposed to be on the mat, we called it off. I spent the evening cooking and prepping for the trip to the reunion.


Up bright and early (4:45 a.m.) to go to New Corn Hill for the 20th reunion of my great grandparents family. We left at 6 a.m. and made it to the church hall shortly after 9 a.m. (1 hour quicker than google maps said). 8 hours of meeting, greeting and eating. A great time!

The stained glass panels (Czech flag and Texas flag) I made did ok in the silent auction. They didn't make back their glass costs, but that's ok. The goal was to offset the cost and they did a good job toward that goal. The Texas flag was the item that sold for the most amount of money in the auction.

A jar of pickles had the most bids in the auction: 14. Final bid on the pickles (made by an uncle Joe Fojtik) was $16.

I was outbid on most items I wanted: banana bread, pickles, poppyseed cookies, among others.


Got out to meet my college roommate and his wife for brunch. They were in town on a stop of their weeklong tour of Texas. We got to catch up on some stuff that they'd been doing since we last met.

K and I then went to my mom's, prior to heading into town to see the HMNS's exhibit: "Terra Cotta Warriors." It was a nice exhibit. I was impressed at how tall the statues were. It looked like they were about 5'9." Which, I thought, seemed a bit tall for that long ago.

We then hit Star Pizza for dinner and then went home.

I am so looking forward to a 3-day weekend.