At the Movies: Paycheck

Paycheck: 3

An adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story. Starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman and directed by John Woo.

A man who is an expert in reverse engineering hires his services out for weeks at a time. The people he works for then wipe his memory of those weeks so that he has no knowledge of what he's done. He then goes to work for a good friend, this time for 3 years.

At the end of this task he has his memory wiped. This time he finds that he has rejected the payment he agreed to, and he only receives 19 items in an envelope.

Those 19 items turn out to be the keys to survival and discovering what it was he actually did for his friend's company.

My main quibble at this point is: how did he acquire those items? It was implied that he lived on the campus of the company for which he was working.

John Woo's trademark dove does not come until the very end of the movie.