Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 6/06/09

Aikidokas: Trey. Sensei Tim was in the dojo, but is not yet allowed on the mat

Ukemi: Full set, minus big falls.

The Walk: Not today.

Releases: Not today.


Sensei wanted us to spend some time working on stuff we need for our next demonstrations.

So, we ran through: Shihonage, Mae-otoshi, Sumi-otoshi and Hiki-otoshi for Trey. We then did a little work on Kubi-guruma for me.

Shihonage went well.

Mae-otoshi went ok, except for the times the Trey dropped his non-working hand a little too low. That caused a little hyper-extension on my elbow.

Sumi-otoshi went well, Trey managed to get a couple of air falls out of me.

Hiki-otoshi went well considering that we were just walking through it to let him get a feel for it.

Kubi-guruma went ok after a little bit of refresher. Timing's got to be good.

Aftermath: None of note. Elbow is ok.