Nidan requirements

The following are the techniques I need to know for my Nidan:

Owaza Ju Pon

1. Kubi Guruma - neck wheel

2. Kata Otoshi - shoulder drop

3. Ude Guruma - arm wheel

4. Hiji Guruma - elbow wheel

5. Aiki Nage - fitting in throw

6. Shiho Nage - four corner (all directions) throw

Retreat with right foot: fade-away. Don't push too much. That will cause uke to spin into you.

7. Ushiro Ate - behind (from the rear) strike

Get the initial off balance. Separate centers at the end.

8. Kote Gaeshi - wrist turn

9. Ushiro Kubi Gatame - hold from behind (the rear)

10. Shizumi Otoshi - sinking body drop

Koryu Dai San - Kneeling

1. Oshi Taoshi - Tore attempts shomen ate. When uke blocks, tore circles into oshi taoshi.

Must remember to open and not pivot. Also, get the proper initial off-balance.

2. Gyakugamae Ate - Uke strikes with right hand to tore's temple. Tore rises with shomen ate to uke's opposite eye.

3. Kote Gaeshi - Uke punches at tore's abdomen. Tore evades, threatens eye, throws kote gaeshi.

Don't extend uke to much on first off-balance, he has to be able to recover.

4. Ryote Mochi Sukui Nage - Uke grabs both tore's wrists and stands. Tore lifts arms, off-balancing uke, then turns uke into roll-out.

"Happy Buddha" arms as near to overhead as possible. Rock uke back on his right heel and then pivot to the right, sweeping the right hand down to catch uke's foot.

5. Tentai Kote Hineri - Uke chokes from behind. Tore frees himself, takes uke down in tentai kote hineri.

6. Shiho Nage - Uke approaches from tore's left, grabbing the wrist. Tore secures the grip, performs shiho nage.

The grip is locked by locking uke's hand down with the right hand and turning the left hand out.

7. Gedan Ate - Uke approaches from tore's right, grabbing the sleeve. As uke tries to pull tore up, tore places his right hand on uke's knee joint.

8. Hiji Kime - Uke approaches from the front, grabbing at tore's collar. Tore takes uke's hand, turning into mae otoshi.

Koryu Dai San - Standing

1. Kote Mawashi

Uke grabs tore's left collar. Tore steps back slightly with the left foot while at the same time throwing an uppercut at uke with the right hand. As the right hand continues past the upper cut, tore grabs uke's right hand and turns it over into a mawashi. Tore's left hand, knife edge, lands on uke's elbow. Tore turns to the left, rolling uke's arm counter clockwise tore's left hand. Tore then steps forward, pushin through to uke's left should with his left hand, causing uke to fall.

2. Uchi Tenkai Nage

Uke grabs tore's left hand. Tore does 7th release. Tore follows the thumb, getting a mawash on uke's right hand and sending uke into roll-out.

3. Gyakugamae Ate

This one can be done with two timings: before uke grabs the collar or afterwards.


Uke reaches for tore's right sleeve. Tore steps forward, collapsing uke's arm, then rotates his center, pushing through uke's right shoulder.


Uke grabs tore's right sleeve. Tore steps back, collapsing uke's arm, then steps forward knocking uke back while pushing through uke's right shoulder.

4. Kote Kajiki

Uke grabs tore's left hand. Tore does 4th release, tore switches hands into "thread the needle." For uke's safety, tore then waits for uke to turn around. When uke takes a step, tore takes a step and drops the arm, supporting uke as he goes over.

5. Mae Otoshi

Uke attempts to choke tore with a cross-handed collar choke. Tore steps back to his left, bringing his hands up to intercept the choke with his thumbs up. Tore grabs uke's left hand and then finishes the technique with mae-otoshi.

6. Ushiro Waza Mae Otoshi

Uke grabs tore's right hand. Tore does 5th release, uke tries to attack tore with his left hand, turns into mae otoshi.

7. Ushiro Waza Tentai Kote Hineri

Uke attempts to grab tore from behind. Tore steps to back and to the left, getting his arms into the "Happy Buddha" posture and grabbing uke's left wrist with his right hand. Tore grabs uke's wrist into tentai kote hineri, and finishes the technique as in Ju Nana Hon Kata.

8. Mune Tori Kata Gatame

Uke attacks with shomen ate. Tore steps to right, drops uke's hand to his foot, falling uke. Tore twists ankle to turn uke over, pins legs, then takes uke's arm into arm-bar.


Anonymous said...

Good grief...

Dave said...

i have to know these just to qualify as shodan.

Dave said...

not the san kata but urawaza jupon only. We usually do practice the first 4 San for showing after shodan demonstration. To qualify the Shodan we demonstrate the Waza Jupon but should be working on San Kata.

Scott Zrubek said...

We have to do the first 5 of Owaza Ju Pon for Shodan, everything else is new.

Dave, what style of aikido do you practice? I'll assume it is in the Tomiki lineage. We are using Karl Geis' kyu and dan grading requirements.