Aikido Friday Night - 6/19/09

Aikidokas: Trey. Sensei Tim was in the dojo, but is not yet allowed on the mat.

Ukemi: Full set, no big falls.

The Walk: Not tonight.

Releases: Not tonight.


Trey ran through 1-10 of Ju Nana Hon Kata. It's been quite a while since he's run through that set, so rust was showing. Frustration levels were quite high, but he got most of the techniques quickly. I had some rust ukeing for some of them, my reactions were a little quick.

Toughs one were: Aigamae-ate, Gyakugamae-ate, and Ushiro-ate

We then ran through the first 4 standing techniques of Koryu Dai San No Kata

1. Kote Mawashi

Uke grabs tore's left collar. Tore steps back slightly with the left foot while at the same time throwing an uppercut at uke with the right hand. As the right hand continues past the upper cut, tore grabs uke's right hand and turns it over into a mawashi. Tore's left hand, knife edge, lands on uke's elbow. Tore turns to the left, rolling uke's arm counter clockwise tore's left hand. Tore then steps forward, pushin through to uke's left should with his left hand, causing uke to fall.

2. Uchi Tenkai Nage

Uke grabs tore's left hand. Tore does 7th release. Tore follows the thumb, getting a mawash on uke's right hand and sending uke into roll-out.

3. Gyakugamae Ate

This one can be done with two timings: before uke grabs the collar or afterwards.


Uke reaches for tore's right sleeve. Tore steps forward, collapsing uke's arm, then rotates his center, pushing through uke's right shoulder.


Uke grabs tore's right sleeve. Tore steps back, collapsing uke's arm, then steps forward knocking uke back while pushing through uke's right shoulder.

4. Kote Kajiki

Uke grabs tore's left hand. Tore does 4th release, tore switches hands into "thread the needle." For uke's safety, tore then waits for uke to turn around. When uke takes a step, tore takes a step and drops the arm, supporting uke as he goes over.

Aftermath: None of note.