Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 6/13/09

Aikidokas: Trey. Sensei Tim was in the dojo, but is not yet allowed on the mat

Ukemi: Full set, minus big falls.

The Walk: Not today.

Releases: Not today.


Sensei wanted us to spend some time working on stuff we need for our next demonstrations.

We worked on the 8 kneeling techniques of Koryu Dai San No Kata for me (Oshi-taoshi, Gyaku-gamae-ate, Kote-gaeshi, Ryote-mochi-sukui-nage, Tekai-kote-hineri, Shiho-nage, Gedan-ate, Hiji-kime).

Then we ran through: Kote-hineri, Kote-gaeshi, Tenkai Kote-hineri, Shihonage, and Mae-otoshi for Trey.

Shihonage went well. We worked on left side for the first time. A little brain burn, but no more than to be expected for the first time on that side.

Mae-otoshi was a lot better this week. No wonked elbows.

Aftermath: Tore up the skin of the top of my left big toe again with the kneeling techniques. It'll probably have to be taped for next week.