Gettin' fruity

It's that time of year when blueberries and peaches are readily available in our part of the world. We picked 22 lbs. of blueberries over the weekend and bought 1.5 bushels of peaches. Most of the fruit is frozen and ready for consumption at some point during the next few months. We did save a few peaches and blueberries back for fresh consumption.

I've made a blackberry/blueberry pie, but no peach pies, so far. Trying to get the proper amount of cornstarch into the mixture is the tough part. I like my pies juicy, but not liquid.

IO made a cherry/grape pie and the ration of 1 TB/cup of fruit was just right. On the blackberry/blueberry pie, the ration of 0.5 TB/cup of fruit was too little. I used the wrong measuring spoon. I'd guess that maybe 1.5TB/cup would have worked right.

We've tried HEB's brand of rolled up pie crusts for these recent pies. They pale in comparison to the Pillsbury ones. HEB's are much cheaper though and, in a pinch, they'll do.