Weekend recipe - Hawaiian Sweet Bread with Tangzhong

Another recipe from Floydm at thefreshloaf.com.  Pretty simple recipe, but I had some issues with it.  I think the issue was due to using cold from the refrigerator milk. 

The first rise was supposed to occur in an hour.  When I checked, after an hour, nothing had happened.  Nada.  No change at all.  So, wanting to try the recipe again, I went out and got more supplies.

I suspected the issue was the temperature, so I warmed everything up do a decent temp before mixing it in.  The dough behaved better and looked better than the previous batch.  I set this batch off to rise, too.  The first batch had not been discarded.

After an hour passed, I checked on the second batch, and it looked good.  I checked on the first batch and it had tripled in size.  It was still alive.  So, I now have two batches worth of loaves to bake, plus my two sourdough loaves.

Now I had between 6 and 8 loaves to bake.  Each one would take a solo baking cycle in the oven.  Each of about 45 minutes.  4.5 - 6 hours.  Ugh.

I finally turned off the oven at about 11:30 p.m.  At least basketball games were still on TV.

Here's the recipe:


2/3 cup pineapple juice
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup all purpose flour
Final dough

800g (around 5 C) all purpose flour
1/2 C sugar
50g (1/2 C) milk powder
1/2 C half and half
3/4 C milk
2 eggs
4 T butter
4 t instant yeast
1 t salt
1 t vanilla extract (optional)
1 t lemon extract or some lemon zest (optional)
1 t orange extract or some orange zest (optional)
all of the tangzhong
1 more egg, beaten, for the eggwash

Tangzhong preparation
1 cup of liquid (milk or water or juice) to 1/3 cup flour, or a 5 to 1 liquid to solid ratio (so 250g liquid to 50g flour) and mix it together in a pan.  Heat the pan while stirring constantly.  Initially it will remain a liquid, but as you approach 65C it will undergo a change and thicken to an almost pudding like consistency. 

Main bread:

I mixed the tangzhong with the milk, (I just realized I left out the half and half from both attempts!), half and half, and butter to get everything to a decent temp.
I then mixed that in with everything else.  Mixing for about 15 minutes.
Greased a bowl, formed the dough into a ball and put it in the bowl, covered, to rise for an hour.
I then divided one batch into 3 pieces and the other into two, and let them rise for an hour.
Glazed them with an egg wash, put them in a 350 oven on my baking stone.  Covered them for 10 minutes, then let them cook uncovered for 35 minutes more.
I got no puckering of the loaves as they cooled.  Maybe I'll try them again and not leave out the half and half and see what happens.

No pictures.  Bummer.