Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 5/11/13

Aikido players: Tim, Troy, Marvin, Dan the Elder, and Mario


Watched over Mario.  Did not get my usual set in.  We did do some elevated falls: we brought out some of our foldable mats and left them folded up.  We then took falls from on top of those mats, about an extra foot higher than normal.  We then stacked another mat on top, to give us about 2 feet extra height.  I got a little panicked at the full two mat height, so I took one from 1.5 mats up.  Not a great fall, but I lived.

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


Troy and I worked on releases together.  It was great.


Troy and I watched over Dan and Marvin working on shomen-ate at 3-step distance.  They then did some work on oshi taoshi.

After the regular session, Troy and I did some work.  Dan joined in on a couple of items.

I did work on Yon Kata, the first 14 and then a few of the come-alongs.  We explored opportunities on two-bouncer come alongs.

We then ran through some of Troy's Ju Nana Hon Kata and then spent a lot of time working on Kata Otoshi.

It ended up being a four hour class.


Absolutely beat.  4 hours on the mat.  Painkillers in pill and liquid form.