Thursday Concert - Jewel

Had a great time at the show last night.  Attempted to remember the set list, but that just lasted a few songs.  I'm looking for the set list, if anyone has it.

She entered the venue to boxing themed music and pretending to be a boxer on her way up to the stage.

Her brother was her opening act.  He told us they'd just done the Austin show and that their dad had sung yodel harmony with Jewel in the concert.  I was hoping the same thing would happen in Houston.  Alas, it did not.

The usual yodel encore (at least that's been the encore at both of the concerts I've been to).  She seemed to be doing mostly requests, but toward the end she noted it was a "Greatest Hits" tour and did a couple to finish out.

In the middle, she did covers of "Ring of Fire" and "Take the Ribbon from Your Hair".

I tried to get her to sing "Amazing Grace", but I don't think she heard me.

She was going to sing "Nicotine Love", but could not find the lyrics to it in her stack of lyrics she brought with her onstage.  She handed the stack off to a fan to look through to see if it was in there.  the fan did not find it, either.  Later on, another fan produced 3 popcorn boxes on which she'd written the lyrics to "Nicotine Love" and handed them to Jewel.  Jewel sang the song, signed the popcorn boxes and handed them back to the fan.

A nice, 2 hours concert.

Set list:

Near You Always    
Little Sister       
-monologue: shoplifting / 9-11 
Life Uncommon             
Stronger Woman
-monologue: barroom singing with Dad
Rosey And Mick
-monologue: June Carter Cash
Ring Of Fire (includes intro)
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Goodbye Alice In Wonderland
-monologue: Bob Dylan
-monologue: Kilcher Family
My Father's Daughter 
Shape Of You
Standing Still
Foolish Games                   
You Were Meant For Me             
Two Heart Breaking
Nicotine Love
-monologue: tuition/Dad/Wizard of Oz/Kermit/thank you
Who Will Save Your Soul                
Chime Bells