Lunching out - City Cafe

Drove out to South Houston this past Friday.  It'd received good reviews on urbanspoon, so I tough I'd try it out.

The restaurant is half smoking and half non-smoking.  I only spent a minute or two in the smoking portion paying for my lunch, but I got back to work and stunk of cigarette smoke.

I had the Chicken fried steak with corn and mashed potatoes, tea, and pecan pie for dessert.  According to the waitress, the CFS was available on the steam table, but I just wanted to work on my crossword.

The CFS was quite good.  Tender, but the batter could have been a little crisper.  The corn was nothing unusual, but the potatoes appeared to be locally mashed.  The rolls that came with the meal were nice, too.

The pecan pie was ok.  The filling was probably restaurant-made with native pecans, but the crust was not that interesting.

The food was good enough that I would go back, but the smoke is a non-starter.  I won't be back unless they go all non-smoking.  I don't expect that to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Cafe is non- smoking now