From Twitter 03-31-2011

09:07:15: Dougal's Doo Rags - fabulously fun adornments for fido and friends. Catnip items for your feline: #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
09:47:08: Artfire - Crazy Train - Shanghai Tai - Pearls, Precious metal clay, fused glass , wire-wrapping #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/cw3Tq2
11:07:04: Designs by Baerreis - Amazing Band saw boxes and fabulous art - everything about trees #handmade #artfire http://bit.ly/37AVX
13:09:19: MossQ - Woodcarvings and blades will surprise you and bring smiles to your face. Scrimshaw to love #handmade #artfire http://bit.ly/37AVX
15:13:07: MadMoravian - Pens turned out of striking wood - fountain, rollerball, ballpoint and pencils. #handmade #artfire http://bit.ly/37AVX
17:16:09: My item of the week - A keychain with a hidden compartment in purpleheart - contact me for 10% off #handmade #artfire http://bit.ly/37AVX

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