Aikido Friday Night - 4/8/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Troy, Sal, Dan, Marvin, and Gayle.

Ukemi:  Set of 6 falls.  I only did right-sided as there's a painful spot on my right heel at the moment.

The Walk: Twice, as usual.


I worked with Marvin on the releases and things went pretty well.  We managed to get through all 8 releases tonight.


I worked with Marvin on the strike-the-dummy drill.  That went well enough that we moved on to Shomen-ate.  For a first time on the technique, he did pretty well.

I also uke'd for Trey on some Owaza Ju Pon techniques: Kata Otoshi, Kubi Guruma, Shihonage and Ushiro Kubi Gatame


Minor tweak of the back on the Kubi Guruma.