Weekend update


I skipped Aikido to go out to dinner with M., K., and K.  I don't get to see M. very often, so the trade0off was worth it


Blueberry muffins
Did some more work on the 4 shelves I'm making for K.  Just need to work on the wall cleats now.
Spent an hour or so filing all of the bills and other items for the past year.  They've been sitting in my to-be-filed box  and finally got moved to the filing cabinet.
Watched: "The A-Team", "Karate Kid" (the new one), and another movie that escapes me at the moment


Made some baguettes, "Bath" dinner rolls, guacamole, and Orange and chocolate Creme Brulee
Ran an ethernet cable for the print.  Ella, our cat, chewed up the previous one
Oscar night!  I got very few categories right