Artfire : Item of the week - Carbara pen in Sunset Orange Spalted Maple

My item of the week for this week is a Carbara style pen turned out of Sunset Orange Spalted Maple.  This is quite an amazing wood and an amazing color.  Coming from an Aggie that hates anything in burnt orange, it's got to be awfully pretty to get me to like anything in this color.  I've got a couple of pens in this color, but the Carbara pen is a very simple stlye:

Here's the description form my shop:

This is a Carbara style pen turned out of a Spalted Maple that has been tinted Sunset Orange with satin nickel hardware. It is a good size for either a man's or a woman's hand and is 4 1/2 inches long. This has a single twist, retractable mechanism that uses a Parker refill.

Contact me this week for 10% off: