Aikido Friday Night - 2/11/11

Aikido players:  Trey, Troy, Marvin and Gayle.

Ukemi:  Light ukemi.

The Walk: Bunches of times.  We did the usual twice and then I worked with Marvin and Gayle on the two first two moves where they felt unsure.  We went over those several times, concentrating on the footwork (7th and 8th stones on the Walk), and then did the Walk up to that point several times as well.

Releases: Troy and Trey woked on releases while I was working with M&G


After getting the fundamentals out fo the way, we set up the "Strike the Dummies" drill.  I decided to go a little more basic this time and remove the hand from the equation.  So it was actually "Belt Bump the Dummy".  We had good success and were able to make corrections to posture, movement and intent that I hope will stick.  We added in a hand at the very last and it worked well.


None of note.