Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 02/26/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, and Troy.  Toward the end of class, two potential students showed up to watch.


Normal ukemi. 

The Walk:

We skipped the normal start of class Walk.  We did go through the Walk at then end of class for the potential students.


Not today


I started out as Tori on the parts of Yon Kata that I could remember.  I got the order mixed up a bit, but I remembered 6 of the first seven.  Trey and Troy made corrections along the way.

We then worked Troy on 1-14, both sides.  He made it through all of them very well, even left-sided Kote Gaeshi (which he had not done on that side before).  Tim showed up just as Troy was working on Kote Gaeshi, to add a little pressure to it.

Trey then worked on Owaza Ju Pon and Koryu Dai San and did pretty well.  We made some tweaks to Shihonage and some of the standing techniques.

After that, the potential students showed up, so Tim had us do the Walk, and warm-up slaps.  We also did 1-5 of Ju Nana Hon Kata.  Trey wanted me to do some of Owaza Ju Pon, so I did a few of those.  There was a bit of rust, but not too much.


On one fall I took from Trey, my right leg landed a little propped up.  The right heel landed hard on the mat and still aches a bit at the point of impact.