Weekend update




Worked on a stained glass piece that I've promised a friend. I came up with the design, ran it by K. and some folks at the library. Modified the design based on their input and did a final prep of the design. Picked out the glass. I hope I don't mess up too many pieces during the cutting stage, some of the glass is limited in quantity in my supplies.

Wandered in our "orchard" to check out the plants. If half of the blooms on the one blood orange that's blooming produce, we're going to be overwhelmed next February.


Dinner with K. at Durango's.


Woke up at 7am with some muscle issues. I had to take some ibuprofen to get back to sleep. That's the first time thats ever happened to me. It was very weird.

Tried to get some ideas for some sump issues at BAA, but the main guy was not there.

Made the copies of the stained glass design needed for the project.

Stopped by HD and picked up some epoxy to fill some spots on a box project and a seed starter.

Cut out the pattern pieces for the stained glass project.

Dinner and cards with the in-laws.