Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 3/21/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Jeff, Gail, Steve, Russell, Trey, and Brad. Jeff and Gail came down from Killeen with some of their crew.

Ukemi: Not today

The Walk: Not today

Releases: No today


We did some work with Jeff on some of his Sandan stuff. I took one throw from him and he managed to, accidentally, impact my eye. He seems to think that each time we work together he manages to damage me. I don't remember previous incidents, but he now plans on pinching me at the start of each session to get the damage done in a hurry.

Ju Nana Hon Kata

I spent most of the next hour working on drills for Brad on Shomen-ate. I probably took about 150 falls of various sorts during our session. He was doing really well with me by the end of the session. He then did some work with Trey and with Brad. I'm pretty sure we blew out his brain circuits by the end of the day.

I then uke'd for Trey's Nikyu demonstration. It went really well.

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

Trey and I did some work on this while Steve and Russell were doing the same. We also did some work on the standing portions as well. I got to work with Steve on some of it. It's great to work with someone of a vastly different height.

Aftermath: Plenty of ibuprofen. My legs were sore from standing back up from all of the Shomen-ates.


Poxbox said...

Sounds like fun.