Stained glass project

I've just started working on a stained glass project as a house warming gift for a friend. I kind of promised it would be ready by next weekend. Given that I just started it this past week, that's not going to happen. I've got just two of the seven steps done necessary to complete the piece.

Design the pattern
Cut out the pattern pieces
Cut out the glass pieces
Grind the glass pieces smooth
Foil the glass pieces
Solder the pieces
Patina the entire thing

This work has 5 types of glass being used. One each for sky, vine, grapes, earth and leaves. I've cut out the glass for the sky. The earth is ready to cut out. Vine and leaves will be next. I'm saving the grapes for last because they will be unpleasant. There are about 65 of them.

During the design process, K. recommended that the grapes be bigger and fill up more of the design. I agreed. Without the change, the grapes would have been much smaller and more tedious to cut out.

I hope this design works. It may be the first one I've done entirely from scratch. I think it is. Past ones may have merged existing designs, but this is the first one I've done from sketch to final product.

I'll probably post the design at some point.


uchi deshi said...

Hiya Scott,

Thanks for your recent comment. I hope you and Poxbox have the opportunity to visit the dojo.

There are a few dojos in the US that have deshi programs, that I know of.

There are at least 2 in the SF Bay Area. I think there's one in Boulder or Denver, and, of course, in NY. Maybe in Philadelphia, too.

Hope to see you in person someday.