Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 2/28/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Jeff, Gail, Trey, and Keith.

Ukemi: Did some as demonstration while watching over Keith.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: Watched over Trey and Keith working on releases.


Ju Nana Hon Kata

Worked with Trey on Kote-hineri, Kote-gaeshi, Tenkai-kote-hineri, and Shiho-nage

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

I worked with Jeff on this today and it was a great help.

1) Tore attempts shomen ate. When uke blocks, tore circles into oshi taoshi.
Skipped this one.

2) Uke strikes with right hand to tore's temple. Tore rises with shomen ate to uke's opposite eye.

This went fairly well as I've practiced in the past.

3) Kote Gaeshi Uke punches at tore's abdomen. Tore evades, threatens eye, throws kote gaeshi.

A key to the end of this one is, after uke takes the fall, to sweep the right arm in to uke's right should. This gets the arm bar quickly, no muss, no fuss.

4) Ryote Mochi Sukui Nage Uke grabs both tore's wrists and stands. Tore lifts arms, off-balancing uke, then turns uke into roll-out.

"Happy Buddha" as uke lifts tore's arms pretend there is a big beach ball that tore must get his arms around. This generates a nice off-balance.

5) Tentai Kote Hineri Uke chokes from behind. Tore frees himself, takes uke downin tentai kote hineri.

Tore must place his hands about 6 inches apart, with the left hand on uke's right wrist. Then, as the break of the choke occurs, both thumbs move toward each other ending in the tenkai (tentai?) grip. Push the wrist out in front, causing uke to take a step. Then turn into uke while dropping the wrist. Leave the wrist at uke's hip when he's on the ground and tweak the grip to get the tapout.

6) Shiho Nage Uke approaches from tore's left, grabbing the wrist. Tore secures the grip, performs shiho nage.

As uke grabs, turn the left wrist in making uke alter his approach. After the wrist is grabbed, turn it back to the left while grabbing uke's wrist with the fingers of the right hand. Push to the right and pivot on the right knee to get the off-balance. End in the usual shiho control.

7) Gedan Ate Uke approaches from tore's right, grabbing the sleeve. Tore rises, placing hand on uke's shin.

Actually, the placement is right at uke's knee. Place the hand at uke's knee when he grabs. When he lifts, go to live toes and turn into uke, causing the fall.

8) Hiji Kime Uke approaches from the front, grabbing at tore's collar. Tore takes uke's hand, turning into mae otoshi.

As uke approaches, right hand is on top, left on bottom. Right hand ends on uke's wrist, left hand on uke's elbow. Pivot to the right causing mae otoshi. Tore holds on to uke's wrist and allows uke's momentum to pull tore to his feet.

9) Kote Mawashi Uke grabs tore's left collar. Tore steps back, threatens eye, steps back again collapsing uke's wrist. Steps forward knocking uke down.

Clasp uke's wrist to the gi with left hand to heart. Step back with right foot while threatening uke with right hand. After eye flash, sweep right arm down uke's right arm andhold uke's hand against the gi. Move the left hand to uke's elbow and then turn into uke for the fall.

10) Uchi Tenkai Nage Uke grabs tore's right hand. Tore does 4th release. Uke turns back, tore does 5th release into arm bar, sending uke into roll-out.

Follow the thumb all the way around.

11) Gyakugamae Ate Uke grabs tore's right sleeve. Tore steps back, collapsing uke's arm, then steps forward knocking uke back.

Argh. No memories of clues on this at the moment

12) Hiji Kime Uke grabs tore's left hand. Tore does 4th release, tore switches hands into "thread the needle."

This one is also known as Kote-kajiki (kuchiki?) (sp?) The key I came up with was to push both hands to the same spot. At least think that. It's not really possible. The other key is for tore to get his arm under uke's elbow.

Aftermath: We all went to dinner afterwards. Good times.