Weekend update

Friday: Aikido

Saturday: Delayed prepping further for Gustav as it looked like it was going elsewhere. Slept late. Aikido. Dinner and a movie out with K.

Also, went by Office Depot to pick up a custom order for next year's Armadillocon. They'd messed up the order by not noting the font and color when transcribing from paper to computer. So, I'll be getting it for 1/2 price, sometime this week.

Sunday: Made the final determination to not do further prep for Gustav. Mowed the lawn in case we got a bunch of rain, just in case. In the shop working on the final set of cabinets. Dinner at Joe's, with K.

Monday: In the shop screwing up and recovering from the screwup. Entertained the neighbor's dogs. Also looked through our neighbor's house, trying to find her most current will and power of attorney, just in case.