At the movies: Death Race

Death Race: 3

Jason Statham, Joan Allen in an update of "Death Race 2000". Inmates of commercial, for-profit penitentiaries compete in a race to the death for the right to walk out of jail a free man.

A fun, big screen version of Car Wars. There are a number of plot holes, but it was decent time in the theatre.

Not to be purchased for the home collection.


Patrick Parker said...

I've seen this heinous preview two too many times in the theater, and there's no way in hell I'd subject myself to sitting through it.

Scott Zrubek said...

I'll admit that what you see in the preview is what you get. Actually, it's probably more violent than what you see in the trailer.

Still, getting to see Joan Allen get her comeuppance was a nice bonus. Apparently I hate her for her role in Jason Bourne's travails.