In the shop

The cabinet carcasses have been installed. Finally.

There were some alignment hassles, but not many. My in-laws, whose apartment shares a wall with the shop, thought I was messing around in the ceiling with all of my banging. I used a tool of persuasion to get some final adjustments. It ended up pretty level.

Next step is the face frame. Then the 2x4 frame for the countertops, plywood on top of that and then hardboard on top of that.

I had to do a bunch of rearrangement of the shop to create space to move everything in position. I've reached the point where the mobile light table/ stained glass workbench is taking up too much room.

I've got to get rid of it. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and head into town to put up a flyer at stained glass studios. craigslist has not worked yet.