In the shop

Back in the shop over the holiday weekend, working on the last set of cabinets for the shop. The only big thing I'll have left is the assembly/table saw outfeed table, and I really need to work on that soon. It's a pain working with sheets of plywood without it.

Sunday, I made the big cuts and glued-up the middle divider. Left that to sit overnight. Assembly needed that to be ready, so I was done for the day.

Monday, I came in and started making dadoes. I was too rambunctious and did think properly think through the measurements I made. Result: a worthless middle divider.

So, I had to re-cut the components and glue the thing up again. I waited a few hours and then worked on the dadoes, hoping the joint had dried enough. The dadoes came out where they needed to be this time, so I was able to glue up one half of the cabinet.

It's now sitting in the shop, waiting for me to get home tonight to glue up the other half.

Tomorrow I should be able to put all of the units in their places and contemplate face frames.