Saturday Afternoon at the Dojo 8/30/08

Aikidokas: Tim, and Richard.

Ukemi: No big falls.

The Walk: Not today.

Releases: Not today.


Richard and I worked together. We worked through 1-13 of Ju Nana, alternating role as tori.

I had my usual issue on Ushiro-ate, not enough initial off-balance.

We spent some time on Kote-hineri. I had to work on timing issues for the second off-balance. I was seeing a step and it was the wrong step, a late step. So, I attempted to correct that.

We spent a lot of time on Kote-gaeshi, trying to get Richard more familiar and comfortable with the new version.

We spent a fair amount of time with me on Tenkai Kote Hineri. I was not getting a strong lock and was also pulling Richard toward me instead of down his fourth toe.

Aftermath: None of note. A very good workout.