Movies ranking from 2012

Movies seen in the theatre in 2012, or released in 2012 and seen on DVD

Wreck-it-Ralph : 4
Django Unchained : 4
Skyfall : 2
Argo : 4
Brave : 4
The Avengers : 3
Dark Shadows : 3

8 new release movies seen in the theatres.  Far fewer than I would like.  There are probably that many out right now that I would like to see.  Oh well.

So, between the 4 films I rated as 4s ( "Wreck-it-Ralph", "Django Unchained", "Argo", and "Brave"), I think the order would come down to:

4: Django Unchained
3. Wreck-it-Ralph
2. Brave
1. Argo

It was a tough choice between Argo and Brave, but Argo made me concerned that thinks would work out in the end, even though I knew they did.