Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/26/13

Aikido players: Tim, Trey, Troy,  Dan the Elder, and Rob.  I stayed off the mat as much as I could today to rest the knee.


Occasionally hopped on the mat to help make suggestions for DtE, at his request.

The Walk:

Twice as usual. 


Trey and DtE ran through theirs.  I occasionally jumped in to hold a foam sword for DtE to reach for on the last four releases.


Troy and Trey did a run through of Koryu Dai San No Kata.  I brought my camera along and took some pictures.  About 18 turned out halfway decent.

Here's the flickr stream for them .  I took them in sepia as the walls of the dojo are just too wildly colored to make for a decent picture.


Swelling's going down, slowly, on the knee.