Lunching out - Brown Sugar's BBQ

I've driven by this place for what seems like an eternity.  Never gone in.  I've been put off by the fact that it's in a strip center near Almeda Mall.  Not an enticing location for BBQ.

Now I know that I never have to go back.

I ordered a two meat plate of sliced beef and links.  Beans and potato salad were my sides.  I also ordered a peach cobbler for dessert.

I was disappointed in everything.

The beef, while lean, was dry and flavorless, even though it had a nice smoke ring.  The links were a decent texture, but the flavor was *off* somehow.  Maybe a weird combination of meats used for the sausage?  The beans weren't too bad, but the potato salad was pretty flavorless.

The cobbler had a decent flavor for the filling, but the crust had a slightly off taste.

On the whole, the best thing of the meal was the cobbler.

On Saturday, K. and I went to Joe's BBQ in Alvin to wash the flavor of Brown Sugar's out of my mind.

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