Aikido Thursday Night - 1/17/13

Aikido players: Troy


Very light warm-up

The Walk:

Not tonight.


Not tonight


We spent the evening working on no. 17 Hiki-otoshi.  We tweaked: the footwork, the interception of uke's attacking hand, the joint lock to the elbow, maintaining center parallel to uke until the last moment, trowing uke away instead of down.

We then spent a bit off time just familiarizing ourselves with the footwork on the left side and working through the same stuff in a condensed form.


I tried a little knee-walking tonight.  I supported myself with my hands, so that my knees weren't doing all of the work.  I think that this is going to be a good regimen for regaining the flexibility needed for the kneeling katas.

Tonight was the 7th anniversary of my first night on the mat for aikido.