Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/12/13

Aikido players: Tim,  and Troy


Full set. 

The Walk:

Not today


Not today


We ran through 1-17 with Troy, both sides.  That took us about 2 hours.  Things went well overall.  We played with sumi-otoshi for a bit.  If I did not attempt to recover and try to take a big fall, the technique went well.  If I attempted the recovery, the angle changed and we did not have a successful attempt.

I'm going to get Trey in to watch and see what's happening.  I'm giving conflicting recommendations as uke to Troy at the moment.

I then ran through the first 14 of Yon Kata.  We ran through it once at regular speed, and then once as fast as we could do it.  1 minute and 10 seconds.  I'd heard rumors of it being done in 30 seconds, but that's just bloody well impossible.  We finished the first 7 techniques in 25 seconds.

I was on the mat for several minutes recovering from the exertion.


None of note.