Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 8/25/2012 (Troy's Nikkyu Demonstration)

Aikido players: Tim, Trey, Troy, Brad, Liz, Charles, and Hussein


None for me today

The Walk:

Twice, as usual.


Oversaw Liz and Brad working on their releases.


Helped minimally with Troy and Trey's final rep before demonstration. Took a couple of falls in a Blum-line of Brad and the white belts.

Sat on the board for and filmed Troy's demonstration. He was demonstrating for Nikkyu, but we had him work through the techniques for Ikkyu. So, once he has time-in-grade for Ikkyu, he will be awarded that rank.

He did a fantastic job on the demonstration. Trey played a little with Troy's mind to ease up the tension. Trey would call out the technique and side just before starting the attack. Troy works better under those conditions than in the more traditional in order list for a demonstration.


Took me several reps to remember how to tie my hakama.