Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 8/11/2012

Aikido players: Tim, Trey, Troy, and Hussein


None for me this afternoon

The Walk:

Twice, as usual.


I worked with Hussein for a while before Trey took over.


I worked on the last 11 of the 25 from Koryu Dai Yon. This portion is not yet set in my mind as to the order. We're definitely not doing it in the order that Nick at Windsong shows it on his video. I know the first two are the "come-along" and the "come-along-through-the-rabbit-hole".

I was having my usual trouble with the various kote-gaeshi where I raise my hands higher than I need to as I'm pivoting. I was also having the issue of leaving out a step on my pivots, a right foot step, and that caused my left foot to be planted when it should be floating.


Still the knees.