Lunching out: 9'er's Grill

I ate lunch out at 9'er's Grill on Friday. It's a burger/sub joint that looks like it's been around a while. The crowd in there was impressive. I think it's a popular joint for teachers from local schools. The conversations seemed to give me that feel, and there were some school district vehicles in the parking lot.

I had the Tex Mex burger combo: jalapenos, bacon, and cheese with fries and a drink. It ran me less than $10. I had some minor problems with the meal: the meat was bland and the cheese was not melted. Other than that is was pretty good. The time from placing my order to receiving my food was longer than I would have liked, but it looked like they were slammed. My guess, though, is this happens every Friday and they should be prepared for it.

I might go back, but probably won't.

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