Volleyball, 2-1

We played the #3 team in the league last night, but I think they were missing a couple of players. We managed to win 2 out of the 3 games. We needed to win all 3 games to guarantee ourselves a place in the playoffs. We lost the first game even though we were leading 20-15. We lost the next 7 points. Grr.

We *might* make the playoffs. The team that was in 4th place won only one game last night and they were 1 game ahead of us before last night. So, after last night's results, our records were identical. I don't remember how we did against them head-to-head, but we probably lost to them.

Maybe they'll have the two teams play as the first match of the playoffs. I'll be watching the volleyball standings page closely to see what the final results are.